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Founder of Avaaz Media, a production company dedicated to amplifying South Asian diaspora voices and stories through films and TV shows. We sold projects to be developed or distributed with worldwide streamers and producers.

We also formed a community of creatives who could develop and create original I.P. using folklore from their own regions.


I hired and managed a global team of writers, developers, UX and graphic designers, and marketers in social media and digital.


Like most founders, I wore many hats, all of which I had experience in already: producer, project managerhead of content, business development, and product.


As senior content strategist, I worked on audits, governance, IA, taxonomy, and CMS. I collaborated with stakeholders and subject matter experts to distill complex messaging and technologies from engineers and product managers into simplified content for UX optimization. I worked interdepartmentally on assets including inbound marketing, sales collateral, GTM content, videos, and branding documentation.

Sage Human Capital

I led the complete rehaul of the website of a software company focused on human resources. 

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