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Hello! I'm Amisha Upadhyaya, and my passion is Content. I thrive on collaboration and challenges, ready to relay the most complex messaging into engaging content across platforms and social media.

I began as a journalist then ventured into entertainment working at The Weinstein Company, independent production companies and studios in the US and India and led the production of movies and shows with budgets ranging from $1-5 million. 

I leveraged this knowledge into harnessing the power of content for technology companies, from the giants to startups. It was an exciting challenge to find the right content for the right placement, to interact with subject matter experts and users, and to put all the puzzle pieces together into a cohesive strategy that drives the engine of a company's brand and products forward. 

I thrive on the challenge of continuous learning to implement the power of A.I. to create the most compelling story for products and services.

Areas of Expertise


Governance. Editorial Calendars. Development of roadmaps for optimal content delivery based on brand and driven by gap analysis, defining KPIs, and analytics 


Research into users and markets. Concise copy that works within a product flow to create a user-focused experience integrated with design.



Collaboration with C-suite leadership, teams, SMEs, and among departments. Hire, nurture, and manage creatives.



Drive the voice and story of a company or product to engage and build loyal customer base.

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