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Amisha Upadhyaya

Storyteller. Entrepreneur. Problem Solver.

I take complex ideas and weave engaging stories. I love to create experiences for people, whether through content or engagement with a product or website.

I'm driven by a belief in the power of storytelling. We're hardwired for stories. Stories inspire action, forge bonds, shapes and strengthens opinions and values, and have a lifelong impact on individuals and cultures. 

I thrive on collaboration. 

  • Working interdepartmentally and with stakeholders  

  • Working with an international team

  • Juggling multiple deadlines and teams 

Beyond work:

sangam site logo_edited_edited.jpg

I collaborated on Sangam, a platform that provides mental health support and resources to the South Asian community. 

Passionate about philosophy, physics and the exploration of the Universe and our connection to it.

An insatiable curiosity about how the mind works led me to start a post grad Psychology degree. 

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