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Amisha Upadhyaya 

I'm a content strategist with expertise in content marketing, UX and content management.

Areas of Focus

SaaS / Cloud




Social Impact

"Content evangelists believe in [obsess over] the power of content to inspire, engage, and educate."

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I believe in the power of story. For ten years, I wrote, produced, and managed projects in film and television. I leveraged that passion for content creation, the thrill of collaboration to drive a project to its completion into technology and mission-driven companies, such as Meta, IBM, RingCentral, Sage Human Capital, and startups like Health I.Q. and

According to MarketingProfs, 62% of top performing marketers have a documented content strategy. Of course, it goes way beyond strategy. I've worked on every tier of the content spectrum: strategy, marketing, and management, and UX. Who does what and given what title depends on the company, but three things remain the same. 

1) Every project demands collaboration and a cross-functional approach.

2) Almost every digital content deliverable is an SEO-driven optimized asset. Outbound marketing deliverables vary.

3) There is consistent work with the digital marketing (or marketing) team.

It's an exciting challenge to be kept on my toes to broaden my knowledge and tool box in a field that's continuously changing.  Whether a new CMS or the A.I. revolution, what won't change is my focus on Story

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