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Concrete Wall

Amisha Upadhyaya


I'm an award winning writer with over ten years of experience in all things content: strategy, creation, and marketing. Collaborating with stakeholders across departments, I develop, execute, and optimize content strategies that drive business results using research, analytics, metrics, and data. 
Content Strategy

Each interaction with content -- a button, a video, FAQs, blog, forms --  everything is an opportunity to build trust with people...or lose it.


Project mangement

A juggling act of projects, products and deadlines but with a team, milestones, roadmap and agile work process.



At the center of every experience is a human focused design, not technology. 


Fun facts

  • I have two Siberian cats.

  • I was once in a Bollywood movie with Aishwarya Rai.

  • My latest TV obsession is "Peaky Blinders."

Concrete Wall

Why do I include random facts rather than my professional skills?  For one, skills are on my resumé. Who I am is not.

Users, consumers, even companies are not monoliths waiting for a product or content -- except maybe Christopher Nolan's. This is where I put Psychology degree into good use, and focus my content design on Human Experience and Engagement. A.I., Agile, SEO, all the rest are methodology and tools. 

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