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Concrete Wall

Amisha Upadhyaya


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Hello!  I'm a seasoned content specialist who develops user-centric content and strategies that align with a company's business goals. I thrive on collaboration and challenges in storytelling for brands, products, and companies.

I bring a unique combination of UX and content strategy with over ten years of experience in content strategy, UX (copy and research), and project management for B2B and tech companies.

I focus on data and analytics and leverage tech like AI and bots to personalize content for users. I'm in constant professional development to keep my toolbox sharp.

Publish Less. Publish Value. Optimize. Automate. Adapt. 

Content Strategy

Each interaction with content -- a button, a video, FAQs, blog, forms --  everything is an opportunity to build trust with people...or lose it.


Project mangement

A juggling act of projects, products and deadlines but with a team, milestones, roadmap and agile work process.



At the center of every experience is a human focused design, not technology. 


Fun facts

  • I have two Siberian cats.

  • I was once in a Bollywood movie with Aishwarya Rai.

  • My latest TV obsession is "Peaky Blinders."

Concrete Wall

Why do I include random facts rather than my professional skills?  For one, skills are on my resumé. Who I am is not.

Users, consumers, even companies are not monoliths waiting for a product or content. I may not have become a licensed therapist but I put my Psychology degree into good use to understand what drives users and consumers. A.I., Agile, SEO, etc. are all tools or methodologies. Content and branding is ultimately about  Human Experience and Engagement.

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